Hot Dog Coding Games Bundle (Game 1-5)


All 5 Hot Dog Coding Games for Kids. Printable off-screen games for kids to learn the most important coding skills with unplugged activities.



All Hot Dog Coding Games in ONE package.  Enjoy a nice package discount and save time from going through purchase process multiple times.

Each game focuses on one or two crucial skills kids need before they officially start computer coding class or training.

Hot Dog Coding Game 1: introduction to all 5 skills

Hot Dog Coding Game 2: Teach kids thinking from different perspectives

Hot Dog Coding Game 3: Teach kids decompose big tasks into smaller manageable pieces and executive function skills

Hot Dog Coding Game 4: Teach kids how to check their work and debug coding skills

Hot Dog Coding Game 5: Teach kids when and how to think starting the end result, or design thinking.

For more details on the skills and how to use the games to train the skills, please follow the corresponding links in this post: DIY Coding Camps for Kids.


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