Build the Tallest Flag Pole STEM Challenge


Minute to Win It game for 4th of July dinner party. Build the Tallest Flag Pole is a fun STEM challenge for kids age 5 to 105. A fun activity to add to your Red White Blue celebration.



This is an easy and fun 4th of July themed STEM challenge that can be done by all ages.  A perfect Minute-to-Win-It party game for family dinner party. All materials are easy: toothpicks, play dough, and ruler.

Included in the package:
1. material list;
2. game rules for players;
3. judge rules;
4. extention activity ideas if you want to play longer games;
5. structure design work sheet for players;
6. score recording sheet to track every player’s structure heights;
7. winner’s badges.

For more details on the game, such as alternative or substitute material ideas, tips on measuring the structure height without touching the structure, please visit Patriotic Dinner Party STEM Challenge for Kids